we have pet rats but we also have a rat infestation. shit is complicated, i dunno. i sometimes feel like i shouldn’t think of them any differently but then i think like “these are wild animals living in my home and licking my food and cooking surfaces”the landlord gave us rat traps to kill them but we can’t really bring ourselves to do that, being puss ass vegans. there are basically no other effective methods of getting rid of them. you could trap them and relocate them but from what i understand that is basically a death sentence because rats are very into their turf. we’ve tried all the hippie shit like cayenne pepper and peppermint soap. if anyone has any advice i’d be glad to hear it because it’s hard for a non-google employee to find a house right now, and i’d like to try to wait out this market if at all possible. and it’s likely that our next place will have rats too.

i saw the knife tonight and it was amazing. a visual carnival, like the cirque de soleil of musical concerts. highly recommended.


David Annesley, Swing Low, 1964

Shiro Kuramata, Nara Table, 1983
you are a shining gem <3 

house hunting in oakland right now is fucking torture

poisonous torture

but there are rats living in my oven so fuck


Stone and Neon Installation, 2014

look at these nice hot glue gun sticks i found
RAF Flyingdales Early Warning Radar

Lina Forsgren